House for sale at Les Abères
£20,000 (€25,000) - requires renovation
- a paradise for naturalists in Ariège, Pyrénées

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About Les Abères

Les Abères is a hamlet on the southern side of the Rivèrenert valley. It is at 800m altitude: above that is the beech and oak Foret Communale de Rivèrenert. Below that altitude is traditional farmland: hay meadows and cattle grazing pastures.

The hamlet has two permanently occupied houses: farmers (one semi-retired). There are nine houses used as second-homes: seven families from the south-west of France and two from England.

One of the English owned houses (presently let out for rental) could possibly be rented on a longer-term basis while the purchaser undertakes (or oversees) the renovation of his house. For details click cottage

Les Aberes

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House for sale

The house is semi-detached from one of the french-owned second homes. It was built in the 19th century and would originally have housed a farming family or those working at the nearby silver mine (now long closed).

ARCHITECT'S PLANS for the renovation are available for free download. 8Mb pdf file (16 pages of A4)

South wall - main doorway

The door opens into the first floor. There is a lower door (below the stone seat) which opens into the cellar area. The brick extension on wooden supports is a traditional bread oven

The east-facing wall of the house. Note the roof and top of walls: the roof was completely replaced a few years ago.
east-facing wall One of the windows has been replaced. The window frames for the other windows are inside the house awaiting fixing. They are included in the price.
The west-facing wall of the house.
west-facing wall This borders the "road" (footway) through the hamlet. There are no windows in this wall. You can see that the house was orginally two small houses.

What needs doing?

  • All bar one of the window frames need replacing (some new ones are in the house)
  • Inside the floors need replacing
  • Services need to be laid on: (electricity available 4m from the house; water main also 5m from house, sewerage - septic tank needs installing in land sold with the house.

ARCHITECT'S PLANS for the renovation are available for free download. 8Mb pdf file (16 pages of A4)

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